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Guldkronen Pub (The golden crown)

Would you like to visit the pub? Together with the museum manager Maiken Nørup, who has written a dissertation on pub life, you will learn about the social function of public houses over the years. At the old pub Guldkronen you will hear about the culture of Danish pubs and bars and about Danish drinking habits: what they drink, why and how much. She has stories and anecdotes about the regulars and how pub life has changed in some ways and in others has not changed since the 1800’s.

Guldkronen pub which is situated at Middelfart’s market square, is named after a gold crown that was found in 1933 when the floors were dug up – get the full story and many more while enjoying a drink at the pub, which despite the crisis in the branch, has survived and still serves it’s regulars.

Welcome to Guldkronen pub.

Meeting point
Middelfart Torv

1½-2 hours

Group size
Max. 25 pers./group. An extra guide for groups with over 25 people costs  double

Weekdays: 8.00-16.00, DKK 400 /Evenings after 16.00: DKK 800 /Weekends: DKK 1.000
There is an extra charge for drinks