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Pet a fish and kiss a crab - Middelfart Marina

Tuesdays at Middelfart Marina from 7. July untill 25. August.

A childrens activity. 

“Pet a fish and kiss a crab” is entertainment for the young children in the family (accompanied by an adult).

There are many holiday watersport activities for the older family members at the beach by Middelfart Marina, meanwhile the young children can enjoy themselves by the touch basin, while looking and touching small flatfish, shrimps and other life from the shallow waters at Lillebælt.

A nature guide is present, and will tell you of the animals of Lillebælt and the animals in the basin. Most people are surprised at the variety of life beneath the surface.
It will also be possible to challenge yourself in various activities during the day.
There will be activities such as beach volley, crab games, relay races, football and much more, at hrs. 11.00, 12.30 and 13.30.
Only the imagination sets the limits - so come and be part of a fun filled day at the beach - for children and adults alike.

Come and pet a fish and kiss a crab in Middelfart and get a lovely day out at Middelfart Marina.