The Hindsgavl Peninsula

Hindsgavl is loved near and afar. It is a scenic peninsula surrounded by the waves of the Little Belt, cliffs, beaches, forests and elegant red deer on the small plain. Hidden away on the peninsula are ruins, tales of robbers, treasures and memories.

Hindsgavl Halvøen - smukt omringet af Lillebælt
Photo: Jesper Larsen

Through centuries of history, people of all kinds have been here; nobles on horseback, royals waiting on the gangway, families on excursions and troubled souls in need of healing.

Nowadays, the peninsula is favoured by conference guests and families who make pilgrimages from far and wide to exchange opinions, connect and nurture relationships.

100th anniversary

2021 was the 100th anniversary of Middelfart Municipality's purchase of the Hindsgavl Peninsula. Nowadays it is a completely unique, recreational area of nature that is open to everyone. After the municipality took ownership, there was a gradual reorganisation of traditional forestry and agricultural operations. The land purchase aimed and still aims to preserve and strengthen nature and cultural history and to give people better opportunities to use and experience both. The peninsula has developed into a sustainable nature park and deer park with room for all and with respect for nature and a Danish history that has left its mark all the way back to the 17th century.

Come and experience the Hindsgavl Peninsula

Experience its walks, cultural heritage or leisure activities. The Hindsgavl Peninsula has it all: open plains, old beech forests, damp meadows and steep slopes. The area has large and varied animal and plant populations as well as many exciting stories and activities.

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