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Market town with small oases
Photo: VisitMiddelfart

Shopping along the waterfront

Middelfart may well be Denmark’s cosiest market town and has a great atmosphere for you to enjoy. With activities and experiences all year round for people of all ages, Middelfart is always worthy of a visit. Along the shops on the pedestrian street, you will see gates to the back yards behind the historic buildings where even more small shops and workshops appear. We look forward to seeing you and giving you a big experience in a small town.

Enjoy the atmosphere and the view

Sit back, enjoy the atmosphere on the narrow street or the view along the harbour promenade.  Why not start your shopping by pampering yourself with a delicious brunch or lunch at one of the many small and cosy atmospheric cafés with outdoor seating or at one of the restaurants by the waterfront or on the pedestrian street. Enjoy a steaming café latte or cappuccino with home-made chocolate, cake or a hot waffle with Italian speciality ice cream in Middelfart town.

Activities and experiences all year round

Middelfart and its nearby area offers great indoor and outdoor experiences no matter the time of year – spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Hindsgavl Slotspark i Middelfart - vintergækker


Sommergæster Strib Nordstrand


Efterårsfarver - Hindsgavl Halvøen - Middelfart


Lillebæltsstien-begge Lillebæltsbroer-vandrer-vinter


Pictures from travellers and locals

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