Hindsgavl Slot

Photo: Hindsgavl Slot

Close to the water, the nature and the town - in the heart of Denmark

Hindsgavl Castle has Denmark's most beautiful setting for your important meetings and conferences. The castle is located in the middle of Denmark by Middelfart, surrounded by some of Funen's most beautiful nature right down by Fænøsund.

Give your attendees an experience out of the ordinary in historic and exclusive rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. The experienced employees take care of everything – so you can have full focus on the content of your meeting or conference. The castle kitchen provides exquisite catering from morning to evening, which gives you energy and prepares you for the meeting activity.

With respect, consideration, common sense and responsibility
With respect, consideration, common sense and responsibility, Hindsgavl Slot wants to show that they have an opinion about what they do. This is how Hindsgavl Castle ensures happy guests and satisfied employees, and at the same time shows as much consideration as possible for the environment and respect for its local community.

Focus on sustainability
Here you will experience a company that constantly sharpens its sustainability efforts as the development progresses.

'Both single-handedly and as part of an ever-growing industry, we can make a difference. We want to make a difference; we are not even afraid to take the lead. Our only requirement is that it should make sense. Not only in relation to, for example, the environment but also economically, commercially and socially.' – Hindsgavl Castle

From the ground to the table
Nothing tastes better than freshly harvested vegetables that you have grown yourself. Therefore, Hindsgavl Castle has its own vegetable garden, where it looks after and cares for its raw materials from the ground to the table. Fruit, vegetables and herbs are used from the vegetable garden, both fresh, prepared and home-pickled, so you can enjoy respectfully grown local produce all year round.

It is good for nature – and for the castle's many guests. The garden is also worth a visit in itself. In the Palace Garden, you can walk, reflect and sense the surroundings. You can find the castle's own beehives, from where it hurl honey – the result is the most beautiful, bright honey with a very fine taste, which is for sale at the reception as long as stocks last.


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