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Christmas Exhibition at Humlemagasinet

In the christmas exhibition in Humlemagasinet, you can experience it all. A traditional christmas and a modern christmas, which is reflected everywhere.

The trees are decorated with new forms of Christmas decorations. Table decorations can be seen in completely new forms, just as new materials are used.

In Humlemagasinet's Christmas exhibition you can experience it all! A traditional Christmas and a modern Christmas, which is reflected everywhere.
Decorated Christmas trees, table settings, Christmas decorations and gifts.

In Dagmarsalen, 20 tables are covered with many new sets that have not been exhibited before. The tables are decorated by Peder Pedersen, so the exhibition provides good inspiration for the guests' own Christmas tables.

In the café, guests of the exhibition can buy and enjoy coffee, Princess Marie cake or Christmas pretzels.
True to tradition, guests can also take part in 3 competitions for the most beautiful Christmas tree, dining table and coffee table. The prizes are free tickets for next year with the exhibition "Porcelæn I lange baner", which opens in April.

The Christmas exhibition (and the three museums) is open until and including Tuesday 22 December. The entrance ticket is valid for the exhibitions and museums as well. Unfortunately, Covid-19 also affects this year's Christmas exhibition, and Humlemagasinet follows the rules that the Danish Health Authorities has defined for distance and number of people who must be gathered, so follow the instructions on the spot.

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