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Cod in Lillebælt

Cod is often caught by coastal fishermen angling for sea trout, especially at "the golden hour", just before sunset. When you fish from the shore, the cod caught is typically small. If you want to bag a larger fish, it's a good idea to take an excursion boat or sail a dinghy out into Lillebælt.

If you fish from the coast, you will often find cod where there is deep water very close to land. As mentioned above, the fishing is supreme during the hour before sunset. On summer evenings, you may sometimes be fortunate enough to find the cod at the surface, circling like trout. Usually you will find cod down at the bottom. Cast your line. Wait for the lure to sink to the bottom and then start to reel in. Not too fast. Make pauses. Moderate reeling in. The cod will often bite as the lure or decoy sinks to the bottom. To hook cod, hold your finger steady on the line to maintain contact with the line and decoy as they sink to the bottom. When the fish bites, you immobilise the line with your finger on the rod, flip the bail over the spool and reel in. This takes practice. However you will soon find the right rhythm and bag more cod.

You can also catch cod using seabed tackle with sand worms, herring or other fish fillets. This is seabed fishing. When your tackle (inevitably) gets entangled in seaweed, you need very heavy-duty tackle that can withstand being pulled free. Give the cod a run for his money. When it bites, bring your catch to the open water and away from the seaweed as soon as you can.


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