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From time to time, Lillebælt offers excellent fishing for flounder, plaice and dab. You can catch flatfish using seabed tackle and sand worms or rag worms. You can buy sand worms and rag worms at several local angling shops. Depending on the current and water depth, you will need a 30-60 gramme weight on the seabed tackle. Flatfish are prevalent on sand or gravel beds. Replace the worm or fish fillet at regular intervals. Bait has to be fresh.

If you want to catch several fish, fish actively, i.e. cast your line. Leave the tackle to lie for a moment. Reel in a couple of metres of line. Pause. Reel in, etc. Flatfish are inquisitive. Bring along different types of seabed tackle. Some with beads, small metal spoons or spinning blades and some without. See what works best.

You can often find turbot and brill on a gravel bed. You can best catch these using fillets of herring, belly flesh from a dab or a long slice of flounder. Turbot and brill may often weigh as much as 4-5 kg and are very adept at "sucking" themselves firmly to the seabed.You need a strong rod to pull them free. Your reward? Heavenly tasting fish for dinner.

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