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Shoals of garfish enter Lillebælt in May and stay here until September. The fishing is best in May and June. From time to time, many garfish are caught on the same day. You can use a sea trout spinner or fly fishing tackle. Lightweight tackle is most fun because a large garfish weighs 0.7-1 kg. Use slender lures and remove the triple hook. Tie a silk thread or a 4-6 cm leader with a very small triple hook to the rearmost spring ring on the lure. You can catch more fish this way. You should preferably reel in really fast. Reel fast and make stops. Reel in fast once again. Stop. The fish will often bite during the pause. Pulling hard on the rod is diabolical as it causes you to foul hook the garfish. Most of the time the garfish is unaffected by the colour of the lure, just as long as it reflects the light. Now and again, the fish are more selective. You have to experiment. A silver lure with a glaring green foil is often the answer.

Another efficient and easy way to catch garfish is to use a BULDO® float or a Bombarda float. The length of line from float to bait is 1-1.5 metres. Tie on a small, sharp triple hook (size 8-12) with a slice of herring fillet on it. If you are fishing from the pier or from a dinghy or boat, you could possibly used a slender float instead.

Fly fishing boosts your confidence

Fly fishing for garfish is great for boosting the sports fisherman's self-confidence. Try a small, glaring orange fly (size 10-12) or a small pipe fly with black wings and flash. Drag it fast through the water with isolated pauses. If possible, use a lightweight 9 ft. AFTM 5 rod. Great fun.

The fishing is best when the sun is shining and there is a light breeze. If the weather is good, there's a good chance that you can get the family or a beginner to come fishing with you. Under these conditions, the fishing isn't too bad either. Fly fishing for garfish is fun. There are often many sports fishermen on the beaches, piers, excursion boats and in dinghies. Fishing on Fredericia and Middelfart harbour often seems like a street party when the fishing is really rewarding.

There are often many garfish. Don't get carried away in a fishing frenzy. Remember that fishing is only your hobby, not something you depend on to make a living.

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