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Good advice for road cycling

We’ve put together some good advice for people who would like to try road cycling.

How to get started

  • Find your motivation to cycle
  • Begin with some shorter rides a couple of times a week
  • Set yourself some targets for your training
  • Find someone to ride together with (you might like to join a cycling club)
  • Remember to maintain your equipment properly
  • Maintain the traffic rules


  • A good bike - buy a good frame, so you can regularly replace the parts
  • Always use a helmet
  • Use padded cycling tights - they will make your bike ride more comfortable
  • Have a spare tube or tyre repair kit with you in case of an accident
  • Tyre levers, pump and multi-tool are also necessities.
  • Water bottle so you don't dehydrate

This advice was inspired by Henrik Andersen's article on “How to get started with road cycling”

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