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The mountain bikers’ nature law

The mountain bikers’ nature law was developed by the Danish Nature Agency, the Danish Outdoor Council, DIF, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Danish Orienteering Federation, DCU and DGI. The mountain bikers’ nature law is a joint campaign code of conduct for MTB riders to help ensure good relations exist between the riders, the nature and other guests using the forests.

MTB nature law

1. Ride where you are allowed to

  • In the nature, you may only cycle on roads and paths
  • Do not ride on designated bridlepaths, hiking routes etc. off the forest roads
  • Do not ride on ancient monuments, burial mounds, dikes and steps
  • Do not cycle in private forests from sunset to 06.00 the next morning

2. Ride responsibly

  • Adapt to a suitable speed and keep your distance - traffic laws also apply when you’re in nature
  • Cycle together – remember your helmet, telephone, 112-app and health insurance card
  • Spare the trails in very wet periods, use only the robust trails and forest roads.

3. Show consideration

  • Slow down when you meet other forest guests. It might be a good idea to ring your bell in good time – or use a verbal ”ding-ding”
  • Do not throw your rubbish into the nature
  • Avoid places that are frequented by many forest visitors, and protect the animals and plants.

Nice by nature

“Nice by nature” is a campaign created by the Ministry of Environment, the Danish Outdoor Council and the Danish Sports Federation, which is designed to remind us to be considerate towards each other and exchange a friendly wave or smile when we meet out in nature.

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