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Parking in Middelfart

There are free parking spots all over Middelfart: Parking-disc required on all parking spots.

Free parking for extended periods.

Parking house with surveillance – parking-disc required - Parking house is placed by the end of Havnegade by KulturØen and the new city centre.

It is free to park on: decks 1, 4 and roof in the parking house, while some parking spots might be reserved for Middelfart Municipality.

Customer parking on decks 2 and 3 – see photo (Reserved for Middelfart Sparekasse – Special rules apply) – Informative signs at ramp.

Rules and terms are on signs at the parking square.

Parking in Middelfart city centre
There are a multitude of parking-spots with free, time-limited parking.

Parking for buses - The driver must not leave the bus in any of the designated areas:

  • On Kongebrovejen by the forest right after Clay.
  • In the lay-by by Jyllandsvej
  • On Færøvej by the Lillebæltshallerne.
  • On Fynsvej along the road.