Lystfisker ude med linen i bæltet


Photo: Havørred Fyn

Middelfart has 117 km of coastline where you can fish. Here you will experience extremely varied coastal fishing; at the Little Belt, its fjords and bays. You can fish all year round, which makes Middelfart a great destination for anglers.

Enjoy getting close to nature and being with other anglers and nature lovers – and take care of the Little Belt like we do.

Fishing spots

Here is an overview of places to fish in and around Middelfart.

Sejlbåd i Middelfart med Den nye Lillebæltsbro i baggrunden

Boat rentals in Middelfart

Photo: VisitMiddelfart

Places to spend the night with Havørred Fyn certification (Funen’s sea trout fishing organisation)

Stay right by the water at a Havørred Fyn-certified overnighting spot. Here you will have access to: Cleaning and freezing facilities. Places to hang up your fishing tackle to dry. Knowledge about local fishing opportunities.

You can always find a good spot to fish in Middelfart, no matter how windy or rainy it is. The fishing spots are not far from each other, so you can change your fishing spot quickly.

Useful tips for your fishing trip

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