Enjoy a day canoeing or kayaking on the water and enjoy the beauty of nature ashore, while on the water. Middelfart has some impressive nature, a wealth of fauna and perfect conditions for kayaking on the Little Belt. 

Explore Middelfart from the water

The nature and landscape of Middelfart and its surrounding area is beautiful and varied, especially from the water. You will see the coast from both sides and the countryside becoming town when canoeing on the Little Belt. Let the wind direction and current decide which direction you head. Check weather and sea forecasts before starting your trip on the water. 

Overnight stays along the coast

Along Middelfart’s 117 km of coastline you will find camp sites and shelters that you can access from the water.

Båd og bro set fra strandkanten med solnedgang i baggrunden

Public facilities

Photo: VisitMiddelfart

Nice to know

Strong currents can flow through the narrows of the Little Belt. Currents of between 3 and 5 knots are not unusual when it is very windy. Even when the wind is calm, currents usually flow at speeds of several knots. It is therefore important to find out about the state of currents in the Little Belt.

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