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Jul på nytorv i Middelfart

Christmas in Middelfart

Christmas is a hearty season and Middelfart will welcome you with a real Christmas atmosphere, with Christmas trees on every street corner. Lights and decorations adorn the town's squares and pedestrian streets and not least the beautifully decorated shops. The Christmas spirit starts here.

Explore the town's streets, shops, cafés and restaurants. Find unique Christmas decorations, fun elves, home-made chocolate or look for the right gift for your loved one in Middelfart's many speciality shops. 

Enjoy Christmas in peace and quiet

Middelfart is a town surrounded by nature where nature plays an important role for locals and tourists alike. Here, you can get out of the crowd and enjoy a walk or hike in a hilly and unique landscape. In other words, Middelfart is the perfect place to drop into a lower gear and let the Christmas peace in.