Nordenbro med kanoner og Strib Fyr i baggrunden

Photo:Niels Martner


Setting foot in Srib is setting foot in history itself. Strib was a lively ferry town and also became the link to Fredericia on the other side of the Little Belt. Strib has beautiful scenery, unique history and water and beaches as far as the eye can see. There is a reason why locals call Strib “The Pearl of the Little Belt”.

Solnedgang - Strib Fyr - Middelfart

Strib Fyr

Photo: Niels Martner

At the head of Strib Odde stands the prominent 21 m high, whitewashed Strib Lighthouse, overlooking the Little Belt with a view of the bridges and the industrial town of Fredericia. When Strib Lighthouse was built in 1900, there was a fort immediately east of the lighthouse. From the fort, it was possible to monitor shipping through the Little Belt, which had strategic significance during the wars against Britain and Prussia through the 19th century.

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